Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is covering your hair at night a turn off??

Natural women, curly haired women & transitioning women all know that covering your hair at night with a satin bonnet or scarf of some sort is necessary to protect your hair from snags, breakage, & keeping the hair moisturized. However I am noticing that there are many women that won't wrap their heads up because their spouse or boyfriend stated that he felt it was unattractive looking. So they risk the health of their hair to satisfy their significant others preferences.
I am at a point in my life where I am starting to do things for me, so taking care of my hair is something I do for me and strictly for me. It doesn't really matter to me what my husband thinks about what's on my hair when I go to bed, well maybe it does a little, LOL. I don't want to go to bed looking like my grandmom, but I still want to protect me hair so what do I do? I start researching the different scarfs, bonnets, & wraps out there to try and find some good ones out there for you stylish ladies!!
This is by far the best in my opinion, a scarf & bonnet in one. It fits snug enough to protect hair styles like twists, braids, etc...  and great for women with shorter hair styles.  It has the attached feature to look like a stylish silk scarf. It comes in a few colors, is made with silk which is a very breathable fabric so your head won't get hot, it doesn't slide off of your head while sleeping because of the construction of the wrap, and most of all, it isn't ugly like those grandma bonnets you see out there. Comes in black, ivory, pink, & print.
These are very beautiful and stylish while protecting your hair at the same time. These are not made with silk but instead made with a soft satin. These would be great for those ladies that have some length to their hair like shoulder length or longer and also for braids and locs. These would be perfect for those women who want to lounge, keep their hair protected but also look glamorous and stylish, but also for sleeping.

Pretty AnntoiNet's

This is a spin on the famous but hated basic satin bonnets we see at out local beauty supply stores. These bonnets are made with 100% silk which will allows air to pass through, keeping your scalp dry and helping the hair to breath. The other good thing on this is that the elastic on the band of this bonnet will not ever ouch your skin or hairline, stopping the problem many women had with the satin bonnets rubbing their edges out. So if you like he style of the basic bonnet but want a better fabric that breaths, looks better and is easier on the hair line, then try this line.

So in conclusion, there are some stylish wraps for your hair ladies, you just have to try them out. Who know, your man just may like them after all!!, Mine does!


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